Doncaster Indoor Bowling Club

Note: There are no half yearly fees available

Full Membership

Entitles you to play in any event organised by the club. These include playing in our internal leagues, competitions, drives, shuffles, representing the club at local, County, and National level, friendly matches, attending and voting at any General Meeting (e.g Annual General Meeting) and may hold any office in the club.

Associate Membership

Entitles you to be involved in all that the Club provides except playing in any league or competition that represents the Club. Associate bowlers may however play in all friendly matches and organised social bowling such as our bowls drives and shuffles which are ideal for Associate Members. Associate Members cannot hold any office within the Club but may observe at general meetings but not take part, speak or vote.

Junior Membership

Open to any person under 16 years of age, or under 18 years of age if still in full time education. Junior members have the same rights as a Full Member except that they cannot vote at any General Meeting or hold any office in the club.


Available to all classes of membership on payment of a small annual rental charge.

Membership runs from 1st September to following 31st August.

For year 2017/2018 the Membership fee will be:


Open to Ladies and Gentlemen of all ages.  

  New Full Member                  £35.00       First Year   
  Full Member Renewal     £35.00  Per Year
  New Associate Member     £15.00  First Year  
  Associate Member Renewal       £15.00  Per Year
  Junior Member     0  under 18
  Locker Rental     £10.00  Per Year 

Special Offer for New Bowlers

We offer a chance for anyone to come and try their hand at lawn bowling by taking  advantage of our FREE taster session.

We will provide you with bowls shoes, a set of bowls, and a qualified coach to instruct you on how to play the game and explain the rules. The session is approximately one hour and the coach will be made available to you for the full session.

Our taster sessions are totally free with no hidden charges. If you are interested in taking us up on this offer then booking is essential. Please call us on 01302 361600 to book your free session*.

*Please state when booking that it is a taster session you require. 

We also provide coaching for established bowlers who experience a problem with their game (eg delivery etc) or who simply wish to improve their game.